Perk Reports Surojit Niyogi – Holdings in Perk Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas–September 20, 2016–Perk Inc. (TSX:PER) (“Perk” or “the Company”) today announced that on September 15, 2016, Mr. Surojit Niyogi, in a series of transactions pursuant to which he purchased all of the issued and outstanding shares of Corona Labs Inc. (“Corona”) from Perk disposed of all his shareholdings in Perk consisting of 1,879,532 Perk common shares and 1,505,972 Perk Class A Restricted Voting Shares. In connection with the transactions Mr. Niyogi was also paid USD$1,750,000 by Perk, and over the 12 month period following closing of the transactions, Perk will pay up to a maximum of USD$750,000 in services to help facilitate the transition of Corona’s operations to Mr. Niyogi.

As a result of the transactions, Mr. Niyogi no longer holds any shares in the capital of Perk.

A copy of the early warning report to be filed by Mr. Niyogi in connection with the transactions referred to in this press release is available as or by calling Perk’s general counsel at (519) 827-1999 x2014.

Mr. Niyogi’s address is:

c/o Corona Labs Inc.
1900 Embarcadero Road, Suite 207
Palo Alto, California 94303

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