Perk Inc. Partners with Fortune 500 Company to Drive Increases in Purchase Intent and In-Store Conversion

Perk IQ Study Concludes that Partnership Fueled a 22% Increase in Purchases.

AUSTIN, Texas–October 12, 2016 – Perk Inc. (TSX: PER) (“Perk” or “the Company”), the Rewarded Engagement Platform that connects brands with consumers, today announces the results of a new brand study. The study was conducted for a Fortune 500 company’s campaign on Perk’s Viggle app, and found a 22% increase in purchases for the brand over the past thirty days.

The household products brand and Perk launched a second-screen engagement campaign corresponding to the hit television program, The Bachelorette. Using an interactive game and mobile ads on Perk’s Viggle app, the brand encouraged its target audience to engage with the show and its products. In addition, the brand employed Viggle’s geo-targeting capabilities to serve timely in-store promotions when users were within 200 feet of a designated retailer.

As a result, Perk IQ™ determined that the campaign achieved:

  • 22% increase in consumers who purchased the brand’s products in the past month
  • 25% increase in consumers very likely to purchase the brand’s products in the next month
  • Among users who participated in the geo-targeting promotion, 48% purchased the brand’s products

“We are proud to drive incredible results and engaging campaigns for our brand partners,” says Ted Hastings, CEO at Perk. “The biggest challenge for advertisers and brands is to get people to actively engage and take action. By utilizing second-screen engagement strategies and Perk IQ, we are able to drive specific actions and encourage consumers to interact with brands via exclusive content offered through the Perk Rewarded Engagement Platform.”

Perk recently announced the launch of Perk IQ, which offers brand and agency partners advanced audience targeting and insights capabilities. Partners are able to obtain insights throughout the entire buyer’s journey, including the ability to tie content and advertising engagement to in-store visits, brand lift, and purchase behavior. Pre-campaign and post-campaign studies are available for all Perk media partners.

About Perk

Perk’s Rewarded Engagement Platform brings together the interests of advertisers and consumers to deliver profound insights and actionable results. With Perk, brands form deep connections with consumers to achieve greater engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Perk’s insights and intelligence solution, Perk IQ™, allows brands to measure performance and uncover valuable data around advertising attribution, brand impact, and purchase behavior.

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