Perk Inc. Launches Perk IQ™, an Advanced Audience Targeting and Insights Solution

Austin, Texas July 25, 2016 –– Perk Inc. (TSX: PER) (“Perk” or “the Company”), the Rewarded Engagement Platform that connects brands with consumers, today announces the launch of Perk IQ™, a built-in analytics solution which offers brand and agency partners advanced audience targeting and insights capabilities.

Perk IQ enables advanced segmentation and audience targeting across Perk properties to help brands target consumers who fit specific audience segments. It also measures campaign performance, advertising attribution, in-store visits, and advertising-driven purchase behavior. With Perk IQ, all brand advertisers on the Perk platform have access to custom research and analytics, including pre- and post-campaign studies.

Perk IQ and Perk’s Rewarded Engagement Platform are proven to drive increases in engagement rates, brand awareness, advertising recall, and purchase intent. A recent Perk IQ post-campaign study for a global consumer packaged goods company saw a 200% increase in purchase intent with the Perk Rewarded Engagement Platform.

“Some people question the efficacy of rewarded engagements and the results they drive for brands. Perk IQ proves the value with industry-leading data capabilities,” says Ted Hastings, Chief Executive Officer of Perk. “Through our first-party data and the Perk Plastik debit card powered by Discover, our partners now have the ability to target and measure performance against a wide range of data points. Partners are able to obtain insights throughout the entire buyer’s journey, including the ability to tie content and advertising engagement to in-store visits, brand lift, and purchase behavior.”

About Perk Inc.

Perk’s Rewarded Engagement Platform brings together the interests of advertisers and consumers to deliver profound insights and actionable results. With Perk, brands form deep connections with consumers to achieve greater engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Perk’s insights and intelligence solution, Perk IQ™, allows brands to measure performance and uncover valuable data around advertising attribution, brand impact, and purchase behavior.

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