Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company Partners with Perk Inc. to Increase Brand Awareness, Purchase Intent, and Drive In-Store Traffic

AUSTIN, Texas–September 13, 2016 – Perk Inc. (TSX: PER) (“Perk” or “the Company”), the Rewarded Engagement Platform that connects brands with consumers, today announces that the Company recently completed a comprehensive Perk IQTM brand study following a successful marketing campaign with a globally-known consumer packaged goods company.

The Perk IQ study was conducted in conjunction with a brand campaign aimed at increasing awareness, building purchase intent, and driving in-store traffic with geo-targeted messaging on Perk’s Rewarded Engagement Platform. The campaign also employed targeted in-app product advertising to educate consumers as they engaged with content on Perk’s apps. As a result, the campaign achieved:

  • 200% increase in likelihood of buying the consumer packaged goods company’s products
  • 33% consumer participation in the in-store promotion
  • Nearly half of consumers who participated in the in-store promotion purchased promoted products
  • 236% lift in ad recall

“We are ecstatic to see our brand partners achieve extraordinary results,” says Ted Hastings, CEO at Perk. “This highlights our ability to deliver excellent results for brands when they work with us directly through our sales team. Our Rewarded Engagement Platform offers brands the opportunity to engage with consumers on a far deeper level than other advertising channels, and Perk IQ provides the valuable insights necessary to evaluate success and make the most of marketing spend.”

Perk recently announced the launch of Perk IQ, which offers brand and agency partners advanced audience targeting and insights capabilities. Partners are able to obtain insights throughout the entire buyer’s journey, including the ability to tie content and advertising engagement to in-store visits, brand lift, and purchase behavior.

About Perk

Perk’s Rewarded Engagement Platform brings together the interests of advertisers and consumers to deliver profound insights and actionable results. With Perk, brands form deep connections with consumers to achieve greater engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Perk’s insights and intelligence solution, Perk IQ™, allows brands to measure performance and uncover valuable data around advertising attribution, brand impact, and purchase behavior.

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